Custom/toll-free number verification

Form, rules and regulations regarding custom/toll free number identity verification

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Beginning January 1, 2024, the Federal Communications Commission's [FCC] rule change will require ALL custom toll-free phone numbers to be verified. The verification process will need to be completed before sending the first message with a Custom Toll-Free Number. These restrictions will prevent your members from receiving your text/SMS communications. This change is an industry-wide requirement and not under our control.

*Limits are not applicable when a Custom Toll-Free number has completed verification.

Pro Tip* After verification, we suggest paying out your toll free number to avoid having to start this process over if the payment method were to fail at any time.

Verification Benefits

  • Verified as a REAL Person, Business, or Organization

  • No “possible spam” Notification

  • Reduced Filtering on all major networks in the US and Canada

  • Higher Member Engagement

Verification Process

  1. Complete all questions. N/A is not an acceptable answer.

  2. Submit the completed form when you have answered all questions.

  3. We’ll Review and Process your verification request. Please allow 2-3 business days for a Pending status and approximately 1-6 weeks for full verification.


  • Missing information will result in delays in processing your verification.

  • The opt-in cannot be part of the terms of service. From the Toll Free carrier partner's perspective, if the opt-in to SMS is embedded in the terms of service, people are forced to agree to SMS a a condition of using the services, and therefore opt-in was forced and will not be acceptable.

  • Opt in Type: Verbal

    Web Form There needs to be a distinct and separate opt-in for SMS specifically such that end users must be able to choose whether or not they want to receive SMS with a check box

    Paper Form-Needs to identify the Business information and what type of messages are expected to be sent.

    Via Text/ Keywords - Add a text keyword to your account and attach it to a group.

    You will need to screen shot the text response showing that the member provided consent. Here is a sample of what they will see if they text the keyword to 24251.

    Mobile / QR Code

  • The option to rescind messages is considered opt-out, and does not bypass the need for optional opt-in.

Toll-Free Number Verification Categories

Restricted: previously “Unverified” status means that your Toll-Free number has not been submitted for verification. Carriers will filter and block your text/sms.

Pending: Submitting your completed verification form, will place your Toll-Free number(s) in a Pending Verification status if all data is valid and meets the standards.

Verified: Upon a successful review of your verification submission and carrier approval, your number(s) will be moved to "Verified" status. Verified numbers have full access to begin sending Text/SMS Toll-Free traffic toward all major networks in the US and some in Canada.

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