Sending from Your Phone

Using the Call-In CallingPost Phone Number (877-304-7678)

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You can create a voice message from your phone by dialing our primary Call-in Post # 877-304-7678 (If not available dial) 855-997-3665 

The Call-In Post System is used to record and send messages and check the status of your communications using any landline or mobile phone. You can use the website at or the CallingPost Mobile App to send a text or email message. 

Below are the instructions to send a message from your phone. 

1. From any phone, dial 877-304-7678 (if not available try 855-997-3665)

2. When prompted, enter your User ID name/number and Password/PIN or press 0 to speak with a Client Care Representative. 

Note: If your User ID and/or Password/PIN contains letters, enter the alpha character using its corresponding number on the keypad. (For Example, CPC is 272)

3. To Send a Communication, press 1 , then you will need to select the group you want to send your message to. You can use the # key to skip to the next 10 choices.

Pro Tip: You can enter the group number (1-150) to skip hearing all the groups.

4. Then press 1 to Record a New Message, after the beep records your message. Press # to end your recording.

5. Press 1 to Send Your Message Now, Press 2 to Replay Your Message, Press 3 to Re-Record Your Message, Press 4 to Schedule for a Later Delivery, Press 5 to Send After Normal Hours (between 9 am - 9 pm) 

Click here for a printer-friendly phone guide.

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