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Why is my contacts phone number red?
Why is my contacts phone number red?

How to unblock a number that is listed in red

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If a contact has blocked their number from CallingPost Communications, their number will appear in red on the group listing.

  1. To view any blocked numbers, go to Groups & Contacts

  2. Select a group

  3. Review the Phone Number column for red numbers

A contact can block their number by pressing 4 at the end of a message that has been sent to them or by calling 405-308-4474.

To have a number unblocked, have the person call Customer Care at 877.665.5646 from the blocked phone so that we may verify it and unblock the number. Once the number has been unblocked all future messages sent through your account will go to that particular contact.

You may also want to let them know what number will show on their Caller I.D.#, so they will know what number to expect. If you use the CallingPost Caller ID number, they will see one of a random 151 different 405-XXX-XXXX exchanges.

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