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3.0.15 Version Release Notes - 4/10/2023
3.0.15 Version Release Notes - 4/10/2023

Latest version release notes for Bug Fixes, Features, Improvements, and Enhancements

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We are always working hard to find and fix any issues within our system, as quickly as possible. Our goal is to be your effortless communications tool! If you come across a bug, please contact our Client Success team to ensure it will be fix in an upcoming update.

New Features

  • Add contacts from your phone contacts to a group.

Performance Improvements

  • Improve the error messages

  • Add Email Validation for Referral Emails

  • Add Bank Account Validation for Custom Phone Numbers


  • Provide Change Plan and Extend Plan for all monthly subscriptions

  • Add tracking for technical tab responses for payment failures or issues

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve losing email templates

  • Facebook Analytics- Revenue Purchase Tracking

  • Confirmation Email - Subscribe Status Not Updating

  • Account Plan Updating after Payment Confirmed

  • Custom Phone Number Verbiage - Toll Free Number Verification

  • Current Plan change from Unl to Paygo should not show Current Credits

  • Create New Group - error received when selecting the add contact method

  • Over Contact Count on Billing & Plan Details- Should not be a negative number once 0 is reached remains 0.

  • Resolve the issue with adding an attachment to an existing email is not working.

  • Resolve Upgrade to premium & Get 50% off with some restrictions is not currently working automatically for user

  • Resolve Groups/Contacts scrolling issue

  • Not showing drop down options for Select Custom Phone Number Below field.

  • The "Group you are sending to" dropdown renders no response when selected in Auto Reminders

  • Close icon is not available in Text Keyword window While Creating Groups

  • The "Select a Group" dropdown renders no response when selected in Text Keywords

  • Misalignment when adding Text Keyword in Groups/Contacts.

  • Profile dropdown menu is accessible in two places.

  • Renewal date does not display (Monthly subscription) in Custom Phone Numbers.

  • Checkbox collides with the Group Name while Deleting Groups in Groups & Contacts.

  • Resolve Capitalization in My Settings - Communication Settings.

  • Rewards Center. View "earned points" and Learn "more about rewards" needs capitalization

  • Recent Groups/Recent Communications. Create "new" and See "all" need capitalization.

  • Resolve capitalization issue in My Profile.

  • View "earned points" and Learn "more about rewards" needs capitalization

  • Resolve INTERCOM issue of NOT EDITABLE in Chrome

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