How do I upgrade to an Unlimited Plan?

How to upgrade to an unlimited monthly plan on your account

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Currently, purchases can only be made through your account online or by calling Customer Care at 877-665-5646.

To upgrade to an unlimited plan,

  1. Click on the menu button at the top right-hand of your account, then plan details. To upgrade select Billing & Plan Details.

  2. Select the number of contacts for your Unlimited plan in the drop down to the right and click the Unlimited plan of choice. Your current contact count is listed above the selected plan. You can not select a plan for fewer members than your current count until you delete members from your account. You can always select larger plans than your current member count.

3. Select the payment terms

4. Click Add Payment Method (if a method has already been set up skip to step 8.)

You can use a credit card/debit card or bank account. The monthly plan is a subscription that will be charged each month or term you pre-select today & subsequent days to come.

For example: If you upgraded on May 24th, then your monthly charge would be made on June 24th. This varies in months with 30 days and your plan was upgraded on the 31st. In this instance, your charge would be made on the 30th.

5. Once you have selected your Credit Card or Bank Account, enter your personal information.

6. Enter the Promo Code (if applicable)
โ€‹If you do not have a promo code, leave the box empty.

7. Select Save

8. Select Submit to complete the purchase

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